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They are available in paperback and on Kindle and Kindle apps :)   The banners below on the left take you to the paperback copy of each book while the banners on the right take you to the Kindle and Kindle apps version of each book:)

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Again, the paperback or printed copies are on the left & the Kindle and apps editions are on the right below for each book:)  "The Feather" is the first book in the "The Feather Series" and each book in the series of three is listed in order below.  I also have posted another book of many he has written.  WTG, Ric!! :)  Added in Aug. 2018, is a multi-talented person whom I'm emphasizing his photography, but he creates music and sculptures too which can be found by clicking the shop and exploring.  WTG Mike!! :)


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​Have a VERY Happy Day and thanks for visiting!!:)  Many of you know I struggle with health issues:( I still wish to make the world a better place and the book "Rain's Realm:  The Future In Bloom" which is on sale for 99c from Sept. 11th- Sept. 18th for the Kindle Edition has many ideas to do this:)  Check it out at the banner/ shop below!  Also below, check out the featured loyal shops:)  Thank-you!!:)